Like many teams in the Marvel Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy feature a notable roster of well know heroes who will always be affiliated with the group. On the contrary, also like most teams, that roster often changes and goes through major makeovers—allowing certain members to fall through the cracks of notoriety.
While you might know Rocket, Star-Lord, Groot, and Gamora, the Guardians are one of those squads who seem to be a magnet for random affiliates. These are 3 of our favorite misfit members




Since debuting in Secret Wars, the symbiote has caused countless issues for the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Initially merging with Peter Parker, it would later make its way to Eddie Brock, and then to many others--“Flash” Thompson, being one of them. The former high school associate of Peter Parker, “Flash” bonded with the alien during Project: Rebirth in an attempt to revitalize himself following some debilitating injuries.
After a stint with the Thunderbolts and the Avengers, “Flash” was sent to the Guardians of the Galaxy as an envoy. The pairing was not exactly smooth, as the symbiote would attempt to destroy the team, but he had a fairly good run—if for no other reason than being a solid pal to Drax.




Never one to accept the mundane of any sort, Tony Stark has a history of crusading for technology and knowledge. That said, the outreaches of space seemed like a logical choice for billionaire hero.
After a lengthy fiasco following the release of the Extremis virus, Stark received an offer from Star-Lord he could not refuse. He joined the Guardians for a brief stint, ultimately leading to the reunion with his long lost brother Arno—who also happens to be a genius.




A founding member of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm once took his talents to the edges of the galaxy. With the presumed death of Mr. Fantastic, the Fantastic Four was no more. Never one to be stagnant, Grimm joined the Guardians for one of the briefest stints of any fringe members.
Joining forces with Captain Marvel during the second superhuman civil war, the Guardians ship was destroyed, stranding the entire team on Earth. Seeing as they are not exactly the sedentary types, inner turmoil lead to the team disbanding, leaving The Thing once again squad-less.