What do a skilled martial artist, a skilled tactician, and a lethal terrorist have in common? They’re three of the many inspiring women who are catalysts for the lasting popularity of G.I. Joe. 
Quick origins:
With a background in training from Ranger School, Covert Ops at Langley, Marine Sniping at Quantico, SASR exchange, and more, Scarlett finally found her calling in intelligence. In fact, she is one of the only member of the JOE team who has missions so confidential even her team members are left in the dark (even though, Snake Eyes might dispute this). 
Lady Jaye:
The ultimate undercover agent, Lady Jaye is a highly skilled actress, linguist, mime, and possesses countless other talents. She’s a true master of disguise who is just as comfortable working intelligence as she is in the field. 
The Baroness:
Descending from European aristocracy, the Baroness is the perfect combination of brains and beauty. A femme fatale who swiftly evolved from radical student to Cobra elite, her specialties lie in intelligence, espionage, and sabotage. 
What makes them so special?
In an arena historically dominated by males, the women of GI JOE and COBRA rose to the top of their fields—for good or evil—and dominated. As diverse as they are gifted, three of these women play intricate parts to the operation of respective groups, and neither the JOEs nor COBRA would function as well without them.