Exclusive lineup has arrived at Toys ‘R Us!

It’s a great time to be a fan of My Little Pony, as Pony Mania arrives at Toys R’ Us stores! This special collection includes something for everypony, featuring all-new looks for some of your favorite ponies and some brand new characters being offered for the very first time!

Pony Mania introduces Maud Rock Pie - Pinkie Pie’s sister! This beautiful pony figure has her signature style, including her floral designed outfit.

It’s always an adventure with Daring Do Dazzle - she’s got the outfit and hat for fun on safari, and you can style her hair with the included comb so she never looks less than fabulous.

Princess Celestia has journeyed from Canterlot to be part of Pony Mania as well - This lovely figure’s incredible wings light up and move, and she even talks!

Fans of our Pony Pals have a new six-pack of Ponies to add to their collections. Princess Cadance and five of her best friends (Lily Valle, Roseluck, Helia, Lotus Blossom, and Sunshine Petals) are a big part of Pony Mania!

Equestria Girls celebrate Pony Mania too – Queen Chrysalis makes her “doll debut” as part of this collection.  This beautiful doll has her authentic look, including a costume that’s just as beautiful and fairy-like as she is! She comes with jewelry you can fancy her up with, and a pair of removable translucent fairy wings!

Gallop down to your local Toys ‘R Us  or click here to celebrate Pony Mania and stay tuned to the Hasbro Pulse for all the latest news and notes from Equestria!