New toy line showcases all-new styles of Pony collectables
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Always looking to be even more awesome, MY LITTLE PONY introduces a new line of action and adventure-based toys featuring fan-favorite characters in the GUARDIANS OF HARMONY lineup. This expression of the popular MY LITTLE PONY brand features some of the most spectacular and some of the most articulated MY LITTLE PONY figures of all time.
An all-new kind of pony arrives in the action figure assortment, featuring some of the most articulation ever in a MY LITTLE PONY product. RAINBOW DASH, PINKIE PIE, SHINING ARMOR and SHADOWBOLT are ready for adventure with plenty of armor and accessories to take on any challenge.
MY LITTLE PONY fans will celebrate the arrival of the FAN SERIES, which features amazing sculptures and stunning details of two of Equestria’s royal family. PRINCESS CELESTIA and NIGHTMARE MOON square off with matched figures created with exacting detail and precision.
But the BIG news can’t stay hidden anymore, as MY LITTLE PONY presents SPIKE THE DRAGON in all his glory! It’s the first time SPIKE THE DRAGON has been offered as a “grown-up” version of himself. This mighty beast comes complete with lights, sounds, and firing projectiles to help his friends defend Ponyville.
It’s a lot of innovation and excitement for Pony fans to enjoy, and who better to bring us up to speed on this new segment than the man behind the toys himself, Senior Product Designer Kevin Evans: 
HASBRO PULSE: What makes the GUARDIANS OF HARMONY toys unique as compared to the other exciting MY LITTLE PONY toys we’ll see in 2016?
KEVIN EVANS: Action and adventure are an integral and appealing aspect of the MY LITTLE PONY Friendship Is Magic series and the GUARDIANS OF HARMONY segment brings this action to life! Our goal was to create entertainment accurate characters that also deliver a high level of play through premium articulation, character accurate expressions and awesome action features.   I've designed plenty of projectile launchers for other brands but this is the first time I've ever designed a rubber chicken launching cannon!
HASBRO PULSE: Can you explain the inspiration for the new PRINCESS CELESTIA and NIGHTMARE MOON items?
KEVIN EVANS: Hasbro is well regarded as an industry leader in making some of the most premium and brand-accurate action figures and collectibles.  We know our fans approach MY LITTLE PONY with just as much fervor as any other fan. What better place to start than to capture the pinnacle moment of the series premiere between the two dueling pegasisters PRINCESS CELESTIA and NIGHTMARE MOON!
HASBRO PULSE: Let’s talk about the big boy – please give us the inside scoop on SPIKE THE DRAGON as a colossal dragon!
KEVIN EVANS: I've been at Hasbro a while and this guy is one of my favorites!  Even a casual fan of the series knows and loves SPIKE THE DRAGON.  I was inspired by the episode in which he lets greed get the best of him and wreaks havoc on Ponyville.  How cool would it be if he could harness that power and help his friends defend Equestria against the evil QUEEN CHRYSALIS?! SPIKE THE DRAGON comes all armored up with three fireball projectiles and four activation points to trigger over a dozen roaring sound effects. He even includes a saddle so he can team up with any of his pony friends and charge into battle! And since little SPIKE THE DRAGON is so lovable, we've included him too.
Look for these toy prototypes on display this weekend at New York Toy Fair – the GUARDIANS OF HARMONY will be available to fans later on this Fall!