Get the inside scoop on the next possible Marvel Legends Series Premium Role Play Item!

Marvel fans got their first look at the MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES PREMIUM ROLE PLAY items at New York Toy Fair 2016. The bar has definitely been raised and cosplayers’ lives made easier. The Hasbro Pulse is offering fans a chance to vote for the Marvel Legends Premium Role Play item they would most like to see created by Hasbro in the future. CLICK HERE to vote and make your voice heard!

Sixteen different iconic Marvel items are listed for your consideration in the poll, and Senior Product Designer Bobby Vala is excited to work on more role play items.

PULSE: What was your reaction when you learned you’d be designing life-size role play versions of Iron Man’s helmet and Captain America’s shield?

VALA: "WOW! Seriously?" It’s amazing working on other products, but this was a dream come true. I also felt a lot of pressure. These characters are so iconic and larger than life. Cap's shield is a piece of history so I wanted to make sure to do it justice. But there’s added to the pressure because Marvel and Hasbro have the greatest fans, so I wanted to make sure they got the best possible product. Whether you want to use these items for cosplay or displaying, I think they will appeal to different aspects of fandom. With the added accessibility and affordable price point, I really hope the fans are pleased with what we have to offer.

PULSE: The official images released at New York Toy Fair looked very impressive, almost as if they jumped off the comic book page and into real life. How were you able to make these items feel so authentic?

VALA: A great deal of credit goes to our amazing relationship with Marvel. They provided us with the necessary reference to make sure our items look as authentic as possible. For example, our partners provided the actual size of Captain America’s theatrical shield so we could give the fans an accurate size representation. We wanted every aspect of these items to look premium from the detail to the deco finish. There is so much detail on the interior of the Iron Man helmet even down to the adjustable inner straps. Our deco treatment on the shield and helmet are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

PULSE: One of the coolest things about the Iron Man helmet is the magnetized faceplate. Can you explain how this feature came about?

VALA: Well, it’s not easy making movie effects come to life. But we knew right away that Iron Man’s helmet would need that level of magic. There were a few initial designs but ultimately, the team felt the magnets were the best route to take. It was great team collaboration and we are very excited about how it turned out. The faceplate wouldn’t be complete without the additions of authentic sound effects and light up lenses. The features work when the faceplate is attached or removed and rested on top of the helmet just like in the movies. The first time you put on the helmet, hear it power up and see those eyes illuminate, we think you will feel some of the movie magic that we worked so hard to capture.

PULSE: With the Captain America: Civil War movie is just around the corner, everyone is taking sides and you’re no different! When the first prototypes for Cap’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet came in which one did you pick up first?

VALA: Ouch, you're putting me in a tough spot. Technically, the shield came in first, but if I have to choose a side then I’m on team Captain America. There is something about Cap’s shield that is so iconic. As I said earlier, it’s a piece of history and has an empowering feeling when you put it on. Although I did choose a side, I’m not biased about our product. I have spent a great deal of time wearing the Iron Man helmet and admiring its awesomeness.

PULSE: There are so many iconic items in the Marvel Universe – and while Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet seem like obvious selections, surely some other heroic items were considered?

VALA: The good thing about the Marvel Universe is that there is no shortage of wonderful characters and signature items. I think we've started out with two heavy hitters, but there were definitely others thrown in the mix. I don’t want to ruin the surprises for future years so I'll just leave it at that.

PULSE: Any truth to the rumors about a life-size Giant Man helmet?

VALA: I'm sorry, but the SHIELD agent standing behind you has his arms crossed and is shaking his head.

The Hasbro Pulse appreciates Bobby taking some time out of his busy schedule, and we also appreciate the Marvel fans responding to our online poll. What Marvel Legends Series Premium Role Play Items are atop your own wish list? Make sure to visit our poll HERE and let us know!