G.I. Joe fans are celebrating in the streets and driving to any Toys ‘R Us store within reach to hunt down the 2016 G.I. Joe series. These figures were first revealed during the Hasbro Brand Panel at JoeCon in Loveland, Colorado back on June 18th and now fans can add these 16 figures to their collections. Be on the lookout for these seven items:

Arashikage Clash 2-pack: A nail-biting ninja showdown between former sword brothers Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
Mission Accepted 2-pack: Leaders square off as Duke takes on the mysterious Tombstone.
Zombie Patrol 2-pack: The only thing more terrifying than a crazed Zombie-Viper loaded down with explosives is TWO crazed Zombie-Vipers loaded down with explosives!
Heavy Conflict 2-pack: Heavy Duty and Stiletto have a mission to complete – but can they trust each other?
Sinister Allies 2-pack: Don’t call them the “rank and file” – the Cobra Vipers and Iron Grenadiers are elite troopers specially trained to take on the G.I. Joe team!
G.I. Joe Special Forces 3-pack: Deep downrange, Falcon guides his “Wolf Squad” to the hidden Cobra stronghold. Outback ensures the trio gets there safely, and just in time for Shooter to make one perfect shot.
Cobra Legions 3-pack: Being the boss isn’t always easy, and the first female Cobra Officer has her hands full keeping a twitchy S.A.W. Viper and a semi-controllable Battle Android Trooper focused. G.I. Joe is out there somewhere...

The unveiling of these figures was greeted with lots of enthusiasm by the G.I. Joe faithful, but the standout figure is Stiletto. The winner of the first-ever G.I. Joe Fan Vote, Stiletto is an original character developed by author Bill Nedrow in his G.I. Joe stories available on Kindle Worlds. You can find Bill’s trilogy and over one hundred authorized pieces of fan fiction through Kindle Worlds: