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Since issue #8 of Secret Wars, the dark, alien presence—known to many as the symbiote—has wreaked havoc on the Marvel universe. Through its history, the symbiote has passed from host to host, spreading its power and negativity to many unsuspecting—and willing—recipients. While we could spend an afternoon going down the full list, we decided to just focus on a few of our favorites.


It’s hard to make a list of symbiote hosts and NOT list Parker. He was the originator, he’s arguably the symbiote’s greatest mortal enemy, and—if you really think about it—the whole thing is sort of his fault. After finding it on Battleworld, Parker saw the symbiote as nothing more than a suit upgrade. What he didn’t realize was that the slick new black suit was actually a parasite that was changing his demeanor, and forming a terrible bond.


Eddie Brock is another person we can’t omit—even though you’re probably all well aware of his history. Brock is the original Venom. He’s the guy who sort of cornered the market on how to properly utilize the full power of this creature and really make an impact. With the symbiote, Brock (and Venom) became one of Spider-Man’s most iconic enemies, and even a valued ally on occasion.




Unlike the Gwen Stacy of standard Marvel continuity, the Gwen Stacy from Earth-65 is very much alive and well. It was her, and not Peter Parker, who got the gift and curse of the famed spider bite. Now, known to the masses as Spider-Gwen, Stacy is the wall-crawling hero in her reality. It was almost inevitable that she’d encounter some form of Venom, and even more likely she’d come into contact with it. And so it happened…Gwen forged a bond with the symbiote, ultimately creating Gwenom.


At this point, it should come as no surprise that Deadpool would be on this list. The way he tells the story, the symbiote was in cahoots with him even before the events of Secret Wars. Whether that is true or not is anyone’s guess, but the fact of the matter is that Venompool happened, and Venompool did some really crazy stuff.

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