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The rules of Thor’s mighty hammer are not exactly rocket science. Simply put, you have to be worthy to use it. While “worthy” might be really subjective, it’s also fairly selective. While we can list dozens of folks who became Avengers, the unofficial “I got to wield Thor’s hammer” club doesn’t really have a deep bench. Here are some of our favorite super-peeps who got their hands on Mjölnir.



Unlike most characters, for Steve Rogers “worthy” actually comes to mind. He’s a walking-talking symbol of morality, strength, leadership, and is sort of the archetype for how a Super Hero should carry themselves.

He’s gotten his hands on the legendary hammer on more than one occasion—in all circumstances, to help the Avengers take down something extremely powerful, and incredibly dangerous.



OK, so to be fair, this fits under the loophole category, but it’s still pretty rad. While the Hulk has technically used the hammer on multiple occasions, it’s always had some sort of disclaimer involved in the explanation. For instance, one of his go-to moves is to grab onto the hammer while it’s in flight and manipulate its path.

When the hammer isn’t flying, the Hulk has found other creative ways to use it in order to thwart evil—including grabbing the hammer while Thor is still holding it—thus, completely skirting that whole “you have to be worthy” rule. So technically, the Hulk has wielded the power of Thor AND Thor himself. That’s got to count for something.


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