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Transformers Titans Return Storybook


Published by Pulse


The Transformers Generations franchise takes fans on a deep dive into the Titans Return universe with an exclusive 4-part comic-book style story that shows key Titans Return characters in action and sets the stage for the epic battle ahead! The Power of the Titan Masters book tells the story of four battles within the Titans Return universe. Each battle centers around the Titan Masters, small bots that give bigger bots increased abilities.

Each story comes to life on a comic-book-style splash page featuring new art created just for this book. On the following pages you’ll go beyond the blister card and binge read character content that introduces the key Autobot heroes and Decepticon villains in Titans Return and offers new secrets behind the mysterious and powerful Titan Masters. Who wields that power is up to you! The story starts here in the Power of the Titan Masters.

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  • Felipe León Nájera

    Felipe León Nájera

    2018-02-21 17:57

    love this kind of content!