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Star Wars Rogue One introduces K-2SO


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Star Wars Rogue One introduces K-2SO


This IS the droid you’re looking for…

It didn’t take long for Star Wars fans to find a new favorite character from the trailers for Rogue One. K-2SO is a reprogrammed Imperial droid who stands over seven feet tall and arrives without a mouth filter. “The captain says that you are a friend. I will not kill you,” asserts the droid upon a meeting with Rebel Jyn Erso. 

Members of Hasbro’s Star Wars design team get their first looks at upcoming movie images long before the rest of the world, and sometimes it’s easy to tell a star that’s going to burn brightly. Senior Product Designer Joe Wu was immediately sold on K-2SO: “When we viewed him for the first time he stood out. He’s dark metallic black and in the beginning he was a droid working for the Empire. We wondered what his role was…was he an assassin, does he wield weapons? Cleary he’s not like a R2 unit. His hands were huge and looked like he could squash somebody’s skull or head.”

Along with a blunt but honest personality, K-2SO brings a rather unique form to the Star Wars saga – there’s never been a droid quite like him. Senior Product Designer Sam Smith notes that replicating his authentic form in toy form required some unique solutions, “He’s really tall, and he’s built like a lollipop, with all the weight up top. This presented a lot of design challenges as he has a lot to hold up on comparatively spindly legs. The Black Series figure offered more challenges than the 3.75” one, as we had to articulate the joints which have holes running through them. To help avoid manipulating the character’s form in the 6-inch scale, we used clear pins in the elbow and knee articulation joints to allow light to travel through them, thus mimicking the appearance of through holes. There were also challenges in translating our traditional articulation breaks into a figure this skeletal. For 3.75” we adapted the use of ball joints in the shoulders as well as a double ball jointed neck and head to maximize his range of motion.”


With the 3.75” figure and the 6-inch Black Series figure as well as a 12-inch figure all available in stores right now, fans don’t have to wait to see Rogue One before bringing the newest Star Wars droid home to join their adventure or collection. 

“I’ll be there for you. The captain said I had to.”


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