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No matter what industry, no matter how ethical or evil, the fact remains—every organization has a pecking order. COBRA is no different. With a group that spans the globe, a strong foundation and core of leadership is instrumental to their continued endeavors of worldwide terror and over the top schemes. Here is a brief rundown of those responsible for keeping the proverbial trains of evil running on time.

Cobra Commander is the perfect embodiment of a COBRA leadership. He’s cruel, covert, ruthless, and has just enough bravado to make it all interesting. The Commander is responsible for countless plots and schemes that borderline full blown insanity—dinosaur cloning, an evil rock & roll band, destroying the ozone layer, having a telethon, for examples. Unfortunately, as far as leaders go, he’s not the most competent. His record vs the JOE team is pretty much the worst, and he’s essentially turned COBRA into the terrorist version of the Washington Generals.

When your current leader is a dud, what’s your only option? Comb the tombs of history’s greatest leaders and monsters to clone a new a new leader…of course. Serpentor was literally created to be the perfect COBRA emperor, and bring about a reign of terror that was supposed to span generations. “Supposed to” is the key phrase here. With the DNA of Sun Tzu and Sgt. Slaughter getting lost in the shuffle, Serpentor lacked proper patience, strategy, and humility. As Emperor of COBRA, Serpentor brings a vicious aggression to an already dangerous organization.

Destro isn’t technically a COBRA leader, but his influence and resources are key to the longevity of the terror group. An arms dealer, technology expert, and creator of doomsday devices like the Weather Dominator, Destro is the competent voice of reason that the actual hierarchy of COBRA so desperately needs. He values success over loyalty, and has often gone against his higher ups on numerous occasions. In all fairness, the world is probably a safer place to be with Destro not actually running the show.

We’ve covered the twins in the past, but they’re very much worth mentioning again. The commanders of the Crimson Guard, Tomax and Xamot run the legitimate operations that function as a front for COBRA’s vile schemes. Both are masters of their craft in the business world and on the battlefield.

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Comments (3)

  • Ty Petersen

    Ty Petersen

    2018-10-17 19:53

    I still don't understand why you won't produce G.I. Joe anymore. Heck I'll even buy the IP licence since you're not using it. Whadda say Hasbro? How about you stop teasing fans and let someone who can actually produce something take the reins? Call me.
  • zhaozhou008 zhaozhou008

    zhaozhou008 zhaozhou008

    2018-09-13 05:38

    I need new toys gijoe3 2020 hahaha >.
  • Greg Robertson

    Greg Robertson

    2018-08-14 23:03

    SERPENTOR - never had him as a kid but wish I did, cool as it gets for a bad guy I would say!!