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Retro Rewind: 5 Iconic Moments from Transformers: The Movie


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The Transformers Movie was a landmark film for many reasons. From the characters to the music, to the fact that it was the first time the Transformers graced the silver screen, it really had it all.  Narrowing down a handful of memorable moments was no easy task, but here is a collection of 5 of our favorites. 

1. The Death of Optimus Prime

Admit it: when Optimus Prime handed the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus and the color drained from his body, you got a little misty. How could you not? Optimus Prime was THE hero—courageous, noble, and always ready for action. Seeing the face of the Autobots perish was easily the standout moment in a film packed with iconic imagery.
2. Unicron arrives
Whether you’re a Transformers scholar or not, seeing the legendary Unicron for the first time was a big deal. The gigantic scale of the bot, and the fact he devours a planet as his first order of business, left an immediate impression. Unicron would go on to do bigger and badder things throughout the film, but his introduction really set the precedent.
3. The Evolution of Megatron
Seeing one iconic character perish was a lot to handle, but seeing the Decepticon leader get his ticket punched was pretty shocking. While Megatron didn’t exactly “die," he did go through a rapid evolution. Unicron took the fallen villain and reshaped him as his own—he became the nefarious Galvatron.
4. …And Then He Blew-Up Starscream.
Galvatron was not one to waste time. Within only a few moments of becoming a newly evolved sentient being, he found his former Decepticon allies, and vaporized their new leader. Starscream wasn’t king for a day, he only lasted a few minutes. 
5. A New Prime
With Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus neutralized, the Matrix of Leadership needed a new bearer. In the darkest hour, Hot Rod was chosen to wield the power of the Matrix of Leadership. He became Rodimus Prime, and helped lead the Autobots to victory. 

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  • Michael Alex Kawa

    Michael Alex Kawa

    2018-08-01 07:39

    One of the best animated movies of all time, and one that changed my life forever. Till All Are One!!!!