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Star Wars

JUST ANNOUNCED: Star Wars: The Vintage Conversation


Published by Pulse


We have some exciting news to announce! The Hasbro Star Wars design team would love to hear your thoughts about what figures, vehicles, creatures, and playset environments you want to see in the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection in the future.

There are so many to choose from in the Star Wars galaxy, and chatting with fans at conventions has inspired many of our new products. However, since not everyone can attend conventions, we wanted a more inclusive way to connect with you and hear your ideas.

So we are pleased to announce the launch of STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE… CONVERSATION!

Every day this week, starting Monday, February 26, we will be posting a question on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page relating to the development of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection product line. Simply share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section for each day’s question.

Be sure to check back throughout the week so you can share your thoughts on a variety of topics related to The Vintage Collection. At the end of the week, we will collect all your answers and share them with the rest of the design team.

Make sure you spread the word! And remember… posting your answers on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page is the best way to have your thoughts taken into consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you. May the Force be with you!



All comments will be made public and are not confidential. No credit or compensation will be given for any ideas.

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Comments (108)

  • del morris

    del morris

    2018-04-18 00:21

    If you make a vintage 3.75 luke's landpeeder, could it be a boxed set with luke, ben, c3po and r2-d2? My other suggestion would be a mos eisley cantina bar build a scene set? Is it possible to make a base that will fit the bar, the cantina stage, and up to 4 bar tables?
  • David Snodgrass

    David Snodgrass

    2018-04-07 10:34

    I would like to see on store shelves or a Haslab thing is the DC0052 Jedi speeder seen in Revenge of the Sith. Anakin Skywalker is seen flyn one of these when going to confront Mace Windu and Palpatine. Obi-Wan is also seen flyn DC0052 Jedi speeder when having a talk with Padme, but the speeder is in a different color. I think this will be a simple ship to produce, not a whole lot parts to be made. Just make it somewhat to scale for the 3.75 action figure line. Thanks! From a long time Fan and Collector since 1980.
  • Matthew Poe

    Matthew Poe

    2018-03-30 02:34

    I heard about the problems with the SW: The Last Jedi toys if you need some help contact me.
  • Jeffrey Huffman

    Jeffrey Huffman

    2018-03-26 02:32

    Also, the Dengue Sisters from TFA, Saw’s Hideout playlet with Saw’s Partisans and Bor Gullet, Grand Moff Tarkin (love his animated look) and Rukh from The Rebels TV show, Teek (single) from “Ewoks: The Battle of Endor” (hey, I like obscure stuff), Onca and Bulduga (I like Ithorians too) from the Clone Wars TV show, #spacegary (Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary in alien form) from TLJ, Commander Karbin from the Darth Vader comics, A’Sharad Hett with Tusken outfit (re-issue), Colonel Wulf Yularen (re-issue), Gilad Pellaeon, Spider Maul with the long head horns from the Clone Wars show and Darth Plagueis (re-issue) are all figures and playsets that come to mind right off the top of my head.
  • Jeffrey Huffman

    Jeffrey Huffman

    2018-03-24 02:02

    To further sweeten the pot for the Sail Barge project, they should have Mark Boudreaux personally autograph every copy of the Behind the Workbench booklet. I know I’d love the autograph of the man who had a hand in creating so many of my favorite Star Wars toys from my childhood. Many Star Wars fans go crazy over autographs from just about anyone involved in any official Star Wars-related capacity and I’m no different.