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Star Wars

JUST ANNOUNCED: Star Wars: The Vintage Conversation


Published by Pulse


We have some exciting news to announce! The Hasbro Star Wars design team would love to hear your thoughts about what figures, vehicles, creatures, and playset environments you want to see in the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection in the future.

There are so many to choose from in the Star Wars galaxy, and chatting with fans at conventions has inspired many of our new products. However, since not everyone can attend conventions, we wanted a more inclusive way to connect with you and hear your ideas.

So we are pleased to announce the launch of STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE… CONVERSATION!

Every day this week, starting Monday, February 26, we will be posting a question on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page relating to the development of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection product line. Simply share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section for each day’s question.

Be sure to check back throughout the week so you can share your thoughts on a variety of topics related to The Vintage Collection. At the end of the week, we will collect all your answers and share them with the rest of the design team.

Make sure you spread the word! And remember… posting your answers on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page is the best way to have your thoughts taken into consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you. May the Force be with you!



All comments will be made public and are not confidential. No credit or compensation will be given for any ideas.

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Comments (114)

  • Bryan Layne

    Bryan Layne

    2018-10-31 17:40

    Are you serious??? Poe Xwing??? You guys should ashamed of yourselves.
  • john ganzy

    john ganzy

    2018-08-04 06:20

    thank you so much for all the hard work and labor your guys do yours truly - JG P.S- If i pay actual hand made from metal real credits or 500 will you give me a jabba's barge ?
  • john ganzy

    john ganzy

    2018-08-04 06:18

    Please Hasbro please super duper please. Can you please remake all the 5 POA figures into the vintage collection line with good articulation. Also bring back some Force unleashed, old or new comic packs, battle packs , a few expensive rare figures back from any line, or another build a droid series.Please please super duper please i beg you start a haslab for any of these ideas and it will be greatly supported as long as the right figures are chosen or always ask us the community we will answer, and i know we are demanding or many times ungrateful but, please at least take one of those ideas in consideration , email me if you read this comment please it will be nice to know that you at least read the comment and took a bit on consideration
  • Nicholas Villars

    Nicholas Villars

    2018-07-28 04:31

    No cardboard playsets, please.
  • Miguel Ortega

    Miguel Ortega

    2018-07-26 01:40

    Just to be clear with my below comment. In the original kenner style