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Star Wars

JUST ANNOUNCED: Star Wars: The Vintage Conversation


Published by Pulse


We have some exciting news to announce! The Hasbro Star Wars design team would love to hear your thoughts about what figures, vehicles, creatures, and playset environments you want to see in the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection in the future.

There are so many to choose from in the Star Wars galaxy, and chatting with fans at conventions has inspired many of our new products. However, since not everyone can attend conventions, we wanted a more inclusive way to connect with you and hear your ideas.

So we are pleased to announce the launch of STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE… CONVERSATION!

Every day this week, starting Monday, February 26, we will be posting a question on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page relating to the development of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection product line. Simply share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section for each day’s question.

Be sure to check back throughout the week so you can share your thoughts on a variety of topics related to The Vintage Collection. At the end of the week, we will collect all your answers and share them with the rest of the design team.

Make sure you spread the word! And remember… posting your answers on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page is the best way to have your thoughts taken into consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you. May the Force be with you!



All comments will be made public and are not confidential. No credit or compensation will be given for any ideas.

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Comments (120)

  • James Ross

    James Ross

    2018-12-12 19:11

    Like to see a karting type game involving star wars vehicles from across all the films. May be using new technology such as VR. Would be a good draw at a convention for fans to actually race in the M.Falcon as Hans Solo......
  • James Ross

    James Ross

    2018-12-12 19:08

    Would be nice if a good idea was given to have one of the products :)
  • Michael Lovero

    Michael Lovero

    2018-11-30 08:09

    How about revisiting the SHADOW OF THE EMPIRE figures? I think we need a vintage collection update on these monumental figures!!!!!!!
  • Michael Lovero

    Michael Lovero

    2018-11-22 04:38

    Or how about a Big Carbon Freeze chamber.
  • Michael Lovero

    Michael Lovero

    2018-11-20 05:44

    And I would like to see for the Star Wars Vintage Collection,all the Aliens and characters that you made for the 6'inch Black Series,and Five points of articulation figures,that you haven't made yet for the line.