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Just Announced: Official HASCON Convention Exclusive Merchandise


Published by Pulse


Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Pony, or Magic: The Gathering, HASCON has you covered. Get an in-depth look at these amazing HASCON exclusive and multi-convention exclusives!

HASCON Exclusive Products Include:

MY LITTLE PONY BOX ($19.99 USD): The My Little Pony Box includes a HASCON exclusive MY LITTLE PONY youth t-shirt (sized small, medium or large) plus a Pony Friends figure, a Mini Plush Seapony, Tech 4 Kids’ MY LITTLE PONY themed Stackems, MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE Pen and Journal from Innovative Designs, a Bendon Grab ‘n’ Go Play Pack, a Tumbler from Zak Designs, and a “My Little Pony: The Movie - Friends and Foes” book from Little Brown.


TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank ($49.99 USD): This special edition power bank converts between robot and charger modes in 16 steps and comes with a blue-Energon LED Light-up sword accessory, mobile phone stand and a Micro USB/USB charging cable.


Dungeons & Dragons My Little Pony Dice Tin ($20.00 USD): full set of ten Pinky Pie-inspired sparkly dice and a beautiful metal container with the My Little Pony crew


Multi-Convention Exclusive Products Available at HASCON Include:

Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch UNCANNY X-Force Deadpool Figure ($19.99 USD): Showcasing his alternate UNCANNY X-FORCE outfit and outfitted with iconic accessories including two katana swords, a rocket launcher, three blasters, taco and alternate head, this DEADPOOL figure also features premium articulation and deco.


The 2017 MAGIC: The Gathering HASCON Collection ($29.99 USD): brings the power of Dungeons & Dragons, NERF and TRANSFORMERS into your next game of Magic: The Gathering


HASCON guests will also have the opportunity to purchase a new early release TRANSFORMERS Generations Titans Return Arcee Special Edition Set and Star Wars: The Black Series 6-Inch Clone Captain REX Figure, which will be available for purchase for the first time at HASCON before landing at other major retailers:

TRANSFORMERS Generations Titans Return Arcee Set ($24.99 USD): Be among the first to buy this set, which will be an early release at 2017 HASCON featuring a G1-inspired Titans Return Deluxe Class Arcee figure with Titan Master and a special edition Titan Master Ultra Magnus figure with die-cast parts. The set also includes 2 blaster accessories, 2 collector cards and special edition TRANSFORMERS packaging and custom art for the ultimate play-at-home experience.


Star Wars: The Black Series 6-Inch Clone Captain REX Figure ($24.99 USD): Featuring customized armor decos with distinctive blue markings inspired by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, this collector grade figure includes 28 points of articulation, four blasters, premium packaging, and a removable helmet revealing this fan-favorite character’s incredibly sculpted face. This item will be an early release with exclusive packaging and accessories!



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Comments (9)

  • Zack Williams

    Zack Williams

    2017-09-04 22:50

    @hasbropulse i hve a friend going when will he be able to grab this guy?
  • Dusty Moore

    Dusty Moore

    2017-08-31 09:44

    Since some will go up on afterwards is it safe to say your SDCC sets will go up at the same time since they were pushed back from 8/14 to September sometimes?
  • George Harney

    George Harney

    2017-08-24 16:13

    For the marvel legends will you guys have wolverine from the juggernaut wave
  • Robin Bradshaw

    Robin Bradshaw

    2017-08-22 01:15

    HasbroPulse how doe purchasing the exclusives work? I already have tickets to the Con but want to make sure I get my hands on Rex. Is it first come first serve? Should I plan on camping out and being first in line Friday or is coming on Sunday OK?
    • Ben Ryall

      Ben Ryall

      2017-09-09 02:16

      Robin BradshawI question the reasoning behind he 6 inch rex exclusive. This figure is awesome but seems to be out of my price range. ExclusIves are making collecting difficult.
  • Aaron Raines

    Aaron Raines

    2017-08-01 12:44

    Is there any way to get these without going to HASCON? I live in California, and RI is a good distance, as well as REALLY short notice for this event. I'm also really hoping to avoid the scalpers prices, but I don't have much choice if I can't go.
    • Nathan Simmons

      Nathan Simmons

      2017-08-15 19:33

      Aaron RainesHasbro Pulse, What day/time will the Hascon Exclusives go up on the Hasbro Toy Shop Website? Thanks, Nate
    • Hasbro Pulse

      Hasbro Pulse

      2017-08-03 18:23

      Aaron RainesHi Aaron! We will have limited quantities available on following the show!
    • Scott Miller

      Scott Miller

      2017-08-02 23:01

      Aaron RainesWouldn't say it is very short notice... been advertised since at least April at celebration... As for buying afterwards... it's been reported that limited quantities will be available on HTS after the convention as is per usual... but they sell out quickly...