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My Little Pony

How to Design and Illustrate a Children’s Book

Mary Jane Begin

Published by Mary Jane Begin

When I started working on MY LITTLE PONY: The Dragons on Dazzle Island, I decided to document my illustration process by creating a series of short videos in which I explain what I’m creating step-by-step. I thought it would be helpful for other illustrators, designers, and fans of MY LITTLE PONY, to see and hear what I was thinking as the book evolved. This series takes you through my process and shows the kind of design issues, compositional choices, color choices, character development, and techniques that I used to make the book. I’ve selected a sampling of videos here to cover a range of topics. 
The first video reviews the rough layout, the second showcases the formalized storyboard, the third is an exploration of the core narrative at finished sketch stage, and the fourth shows the start of the painting process for my finished art.  
I have posted all of the videos on my YouTube channel in a series entitled: How to Design and Illustrate a Children’s Book
I hope that the videos are informative, engaging, and provide a revealing insight into my latest MY LITTLE PONY creation!

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