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Gi Joe



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Check out the list of G.I. Joe Legends making their way to HASCON!

HASCON is your behind-the-scenes pass to the world of Hasbro September 8-10, don’t miss it!



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Comments (4)

  • Jenny Serfecz

    Jenny Serfecz

    2017-08-28 15:40

    This is an amazing line up! Will any of the Legends guests be appearing at panels or autograph sessions throughout the event? While GI Joe is not my thing, I collect a lot of vintage Hasbro lines, and the ladies & gentlemen who worked on so many iconic toy lines of the 80's are the guests I'm most excited to see at HasCon.
  • Dan Pinegar

    Dan Pinegar

    2017-08-06 03:45

    Interesting assortment of folks. How will the dinner be organized - one per table or would it be a free for all? Also re the gift bag set, will it have Sunbow or DIC cells, and any info if they'll include backgrounds?
    • Hasbro Pulse

      Hasbro Pulse

      2017-08-07 15:06

      Dan PinegarHi Dan! We will have at least one Legend per table and the animation cells are DIC! Hope to see you in September!
  • Gary Godsoe

    Gary Godsoe

    2017-08-05 05:24

    This is great! Looking forward toward meeting all of these folks in September.