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The intricate, calculated and overlapping scales of Cobra are what make it such an evil empire. At the top, you have the ever existing power struggle between Cobra Commander and Serpentor, Destro and the Baroness are prominent tacticians, and Zartan—while an outlier—runs Dreadnok operations. There are other operatives, however, who hold a ton of sway in Cobra’s day-to-day villainy.

Tomax and Xamot—the Crimson Twins—deftly fit into this hierarchical equation in many ways. Let’s do a quick dive into the “who, how, and why” this villainous duo clicks within the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization. 


Tomax and Xamot are identical, save for the scar on Xamot’s face. Not only do they share physical traits but they are in tune with each other mentally as only identical twins could be. They are the commanders of Cobra’s elite troops, the Crimson Guard, and are responsible for their troops being deadly opponents both mentally and physically.

As former members of the Foreign Legion, the Crimson Twins grew tired of profitless warfare, and swiftly took their talents to the mercenary world. They learned banking in Zurich to bolster their talents, and became masters of corporate law, espionage, and propaganda. As tech-savvy, financial wizards who are partial to ruthless takeovers, Cobra became a natural fit.

While competent and deadly on the battlefield, the Crimson Twins bring a dangerous finesse to Cobra’s in-your-face style of ferocity. As experts in finance and law, they formed Extensive Enterprises where they are held as professional businessmen while behind the scenes they are alchemists of terrorism as agents of Cobra.



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  • James Pfremmer

    James Pfremmer

    2017-10-03 01:46

    This was a great article. Really looking forward to more like it.
    • Hasbro Pulse

      Hasbro Pulse

      2017-10-06 13:20

      James PfremmerThanks James! We certainly plan on it!