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While it can safely be said that all Transformers bots convert, it’s few that can combine. Combiners are an important part of Transformers lore, due to their unique ability to combine and the increased power this gives the newly formed super robot. There’s a slew of Combiners, but we chose three to highlight.



What happens when a group of Rust Renegades are exposed to the Enigma of Combination? Answer: Victorion is born. Victorion—the combination of Pyra Magna, Stormclash, Skyburst, Dust Up, Jumpstream and Rust Dust—uses immense bladed weapons and powers of gravity to smite the heck out of anyone who dares to defile sacred relics. Victorion is one of the more stable Combiners as the individual group members work well together and tend to follow the lead of Pyra Magna.


BRUTICUS (Decepticon)

The lethal combination of the Combaticons—Onslaught, Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle, and Vortex—Bruticus packs strength which is second to none, and intelligence that is the complete opposite. Ranked amongst the strongest of all Transformers robots, and boasting nearly impenetrable armor, he’s the last bot you want to see opposite you on the battlefield. Bruticus has a checkered past of having conflicts with Decepticons as well as Autobots. The overarching theme is that the guy likes to fight, and when he does, he hits extremely hard.


DEVASTATOR (Decepticon)

Probably one of the first thoughts that pops in your head when you think Combiners is Devastator. The combined form of the Constructicons—Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster, and Scavenger—Devastator is a feared warrior and one of Megatron’s most lethal weapons. Mentally, however, Devastator is a chaotic mess. When you have a group of Constructicons simultaneously trying to agree on an action, the results are often bouts of unparalleled rage. This typically works in Megatron’s favor.



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Comments (4)

  • Michael Alex Kawa

    Michael Alex Kawa

    2018-03-01 05:18

    Cool article. The photos are awesome!!!
  • Felipe León Nájera

    Felipe León Nájera

    2018-02-21 17:55

    I this that you cando a photo contest! or telling stories about the characters, more interviews to designers, and writers of Transformers series, comics etc. What about explain the world of Machinima animated series, from their creators, give us context. Regards!
  • Thomas Hamer

    Thomas Hamer

    2017-11-18 17:13

    You should do an article featuring all the combiners. Younger fans may not be familiar with all the different teams and their back stories.
    • Felipe León Nájera

      Felipe León Nájera

      2018-02-21 17:52

      Thomas HamerYeah Thomas this is an incredible idea!